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Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr. as a Life Coach is driven by a deep love, and desire to Coach, motivate, encourage, inspire, and empower individuals to unleash their amazing gifts, talents, potential, abilities, have a phenomenal life of success, and greatness by choice. Dr. Campbell became a Professional Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker to change, impact people’s lives in a powerful, and large way. Dr. Campbell has been a Life Coach and speaker for years even before becoming certified. He was 20 years old when he got started and was doing it long before social media and YouTube.


‘’I make people a better version of themselves.’’

My Story

Dr. Campbell failed the first grade and he was labeled as retarded. Dr. Campbell had a reading, comprehension problem and developed a learning disability. He was bullied in school, he was always the underdog and no one believed in me. When Dr. Campbell entered high school my high school teacher told everyone how great they were going to be and how they were going to succeed and go to college. As Dr. Campbell was leaving the classroom, she said to me, ''Tommy you are not smart enough to go to college and that he wasn't going to graduate high school.'' Dr. Campbell tried to enroll in the military but he failed the military test. Dr. Campbell finally got into college, but he got sick mentally and had a nervous breakdown and he was hospitalized for a whole year and flunked out of college. Dr. Campbell would not give up and the University allowed him back in college on Academic Probation. Dr. Campbell was homeless in 2009 and then later was innocently shot three times and pronounced dead at the hospital. Now Dr. Campbell is a First-Generation College Graduate Student, he is a Certified Life Coach, he is a motivational speaker, and a published author of four self-help motivational books. Dr. Campbell's motivational videos and Life Coaching have saved people's lives all over in so many ways.

''Yes, I know pain is real. You may be going through difficult pain right now, but the pain is necessary for greatness and success.'' You are a diamond, but in order to be that actual diamond, you must go through the extreme hardcore pressure in order to become a diamond. You may be grieving. You may be depressed. You may have a mental illness. You may be sick. You may be suicidal. You may be going through a divorce. You may be rich and not happy. You may be suffering as an athlete. You may be struggling as a business or a business owner. If that is you in any way I want you to know things are about to get better and you can hire me as your Life Coach because I know how to overcome tragedy, failure, depression, and pain. Trouble doesn't last always. I have never seen a storm that has stayed. As a professional certified Life Coach and Motivational speaker. I want you to know that I love you all and I believe in you. -Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr.

As a professional certified Life Coach/Mindset Coach and motivational speaker, my love and passion lie in supporting, helping women and men in taking their whole entire lives to a whole another level, and help them accomplish their dreams, and become better versions of themselves. Through me being a Life Coach/Mindset Coach and motivational speaker, I coach clients from many walks of life, different backgrounds to overcome pain, trauma, and obstacles in their lives. In my coaching, you can allow yourself to become a better version of yourself, realize who you are as a person, receive healing from your past, accomplish your dreams, become great, and successful. You have the power to create your own life and success. I will help you to believe in yourself.

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